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Danish Culture

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Green Energy, bacon, cartoons, Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard - for better or worse, for a country with fewer inhabitants than London, we have done pretty well putting ourselves on the map.

As in many other countries, the development of the Danish economy has undergone a rapid change from being based on farming and industry to being almost entirely based on know-how and services. We have one of the best educated workforces in the world but we still need more qualified and experienced people in IT. This is where you come in.

Aarhus or Copenhagen

d60 has offices in the two largest cities in Denmark: Aarhus (HQ) and Copenhagen, and you can freely choose where you want to be based. Copenhagen is the Danish capital and the only city with more than 1 million citizens. Aarhus is the second largest city and often (by Danish people) referred to as the smallest big city in the world. With ¼ million citizens, it has all the benefits of a large city but few tall buildings, so it feels smaller. Both cities have large student populations and lively international environments. No matter which you choose, nature will always be just a bike ride away. And we do love our bikes here.


To work at d60, you will need to be fluent in English, as it is important for internal and external communication. However, most people outside of the workplace will speak English with you, so if you get by here, you get by in general. 

Danish has been rumored to be a tough language to learn, though we think it's pretty easy. However, several of our current foreigners at d60 are excellent at it, so it isn't impossible. Or perhaps they are just particularly brilliant. Whatever you natural affinity for the language, we will of course help you learn if you want to.  

Food Culture

It probably came as a surprise to most Danish people, when in 2011 Noma was named the world's best restaurant, and even repeated the feat in 2012. Danish food culture has never before made a claim on fame, apart from the world-class bacon we export. The freshness of our food goods is however something which rarely fails to impress foreigners. Our milk is in the stores 24 hours after production, and our strawberries are the tastiest, you will find anywhere. Unable to compete on prices due to our higher wages, a lot of farmers have turned to ecological farming to compete on quality. This means even more tastier, fresh and healthy food in our stores.

Be One of the Happiest People in the World!

Perhaps you have heard that the Danish people have been named the happiest in the world for several years. Hearing us talk, you probably wouldn't have guessed it. We do a lot of complaining, and our humor is very ironic, so if you take us at face value, we will seem miserable. We're really not. In fact, if you ask people abroad what their number one complaint about Danish people is, it is that we brag too much about our country. That's probably true.

Are you ready?

Our summers are short; our winters have recently been long. Denmark is colder than Hawaii but warmer than Siberia. We have no snow-topped mountains to grace the landscape but neither are we prone to any natural disasters. Our prices are high but our crime rates are low. We fiercely defend individual rights but we frown upon individuals boasting of their achievements. We are rumored to be a closed people but we love socializing, especially in d60.

Are you ready to take us on? We can't guarantee your happiness but we will certainly welcome you at d60 and do our best to make you happy here.