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Working at d60

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At d60, we take a very active approach to our company culture. We believe that good relations are vital to a productive company, and recognize that an IT-consultancy's greatest assets are the people working here.

As an IT-consultancy, our consultants spend much of their time working at our customers' offices. At d60, however, we have made it a priority that consultants also spend time in our offices every week to encourage knowledge-sharing and close cooperation. Still, with most of the consultants away 2-3 days of the week, we are acutely aware of the need to nurse our culture, so we act and think as a team.

What to expect when working in Denmark and d60

There are two characteristics of the Danish work culture which are good to know before deciding to come to work in this country - and especially at d60.

Firstly, we are a very informal country and do not stand on much ceremony. You will not be addressed 'sir', 'ma'am' or by any title, and you will be on a first name basis with everyone - and yes, that includes the CEO.

Secondly, in Denmark we are drilled from the first day of school to speak our minds and think for ourselves. In the work place, this translates into a high degree of influence in your team and on your own day. At d60, we have team leaders, not drill sergeants. We set the guidelines and performance targets but you will be given a lot of influence.

If these characteristics do not appeal to you, Denmark is most likely not the country for you, and you will not be happy working at d60. If you're still in, read on!

Taxes and other benefits

You may have heard that we pay a lot of taxes. That is true. Our tax rates are approximately 40-60%, our VAT is 25% and we have a lot of other duties. However, we also have fairly high salaries, free healthcare, a free educational system, five weeks paid vacation, 52 weeks maternity leave and a work week of approx. 37 hours. Is it worth it for you? Then continue reading. For more practical information, visit  the official welcome site of Denmark.

Working at d60

d60 is built on trust. We earn our customers' trust by delivering value-adding solutions tailored to their needs. Sometimes this means challenging their perceptions of what it is, they need, introducing new technologies or pitching ideas about different ways of supporting their business. In order to do this, we need dedicated consultants who keep themselves updated within their respective fields and are able to communicate with both colleagues and customers. We have designed our organisation to encourage knowledge-sharing and to make sure that new ideas are always heard, assessed and acted upon.

Social life at d60

At d60, we believe that good social relationships make for better work relationships. To encourage socialization, we have four annual social events and a playroom complete with television, table tennis and foosball. We have a number of different personnel associations arranging activities like paint ball, go-carts, hacker nights, running etc.  Some of these activities are organized by d60, some are individual initiatives, but all events are announced on the intranet, and everybody is welcome to join.

d60 has a policy of international courtesy, meaning that all official communication on the intranet is in English, and colleagues are expected to speak English when foreigners are present.

Professional knowledge-sharing

At d60, we have active forums to encourage and secure knowledge-sharing and professional development. We have BI and .NET Academies and dialogue meetings where consultants present a solution or problem and discuss it with colleagues. We assign mentors to all new colleagues to ensure professional and social integration. Our most important resource is our knowledge - and we make time to share it.

To sum it up

If you go to work each day simply to get paid; if you rely on the same old tricks every time and are annoyed by the rapid development of the tools of our trade, we wish you good luck with it, but d60 is not the place for you.

If - on the other hand - you are passionate, dedicated and skilled within your field; if you would like more control over your work day, more influence in the work place and more responsibility, d60 could be just the place for you. Contact us today.